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Quality Control & Assurance

Professional Property Services, Inc. (PPS) is committed to providing quality service to our clients.

reviewing planMaking sure all necessary procedures are followed and submitting correct deliverables to both the Client and the property owners is of utmost importance as it keeps the project on schedule and eliminates redundancy. Several quality control tools are employed to ensure project milestones are met and each task is performed according to the appropriate guidelines.

First and foremost, PPS utilizes experienced personnel whose knowledge indirectly serves as a quality control mechanism. Second, our agents work together to check each other and share similar, past situations that apply to the current project. When an issue arises that necessitates input from the Client, PPS approaches the Client not only with a question, but with recommended solutions.

PPS also utilizes a quality control team whose task is specifically to check documents and reports before completion, along with keeping an up-to-date Project Status Report for monitoring progress to ensure adherence to the project schedule.  Using one group for quality assurance guarantees consistency across the project.

Another very important aspect of quality control for PPS is the use of checklists.  We use checklists provided by the Client and checklists created by our staff that we have found help us achieve consistent accuracy.

Weekly meetings among team members assures the PPS Project Manager that every team member is performing their tasks and enables the Project Manager to watch for performance issues so they can be dealt with quickly before they result in a slowdown or interruption of the program.

PPS places strong emphasis on quality control and we are proud of our track record of consistent and accurate work. If you’d like to learn more about our Quality Control & Assurance Program, please contact us!